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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Jumping on the Bandwagon...almost.

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     Anyone who has seen my minivan can tell you I like to be different. For those of you who haven't, it's painted with a mural of seafaring alligators on both sides. So it shouldn't be surprising that when the movie Frozen exploded onto the scene, instead of jumping onto the bandwagon, I stood staunchly against it. There were many, admittedly, self righteous reasons I took a dislike to a movie I had yet to see. Number one being that it was so drastically different from the Hans Christian Anderson original storyline as to be unrecognizable. I was quite proud of the fact that my four year old daughter had never even heard of Frozen even last week. That all changed the day it came out on DVD and her friend invited her over to watch it. She came home enamored. So I decided to rent it and see what all the hype was about. First off I will say that I am not a Disney fan. There are many reasons why not, and I will not get into them here. But there are still plenty of Disney items in our house, given to my children by loving friends and family and my daughter and I can both name every single Disney Princess. 
     So as I sat down to watch the movie with my daughter ensconced on my lap I was fully prepared to loath the movie. I wanted to hate it. But that's not what happened. It turns out Disney finally got something right. It didn't follow the original plot one iota. The sisters were unrealistically beautiful. But with all the things they got wrong, they got one major, unbelievable thing right. And here it is: True love means sacrificing yourself for another. That's it. It's probably the most important thing anyone can ever learn. So will I go out and buy the movie and the soundtrack? Probably not. But you may just catch me humming "Let it Go".

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  1. Catchy tune, no? We watched for the first time this weekend. And yes, loved that message. It was hinted at throughout and then it was BAM - THAT'S what it looks like. :) ~Becky Wenrich